What To Do When Your Roof Leaks

The worst thing that homeowners can find out is that they have a serious roof problem from water leaking from the ceilings. Professionals that do roofing in North Carolina know severe storms can cause heavy rains cause serious damage to interiors of homes in their area. Roof maintenance checks are important to prevent roof leaks from starting. All homeowners should monitor their roofing systems on a regular basis to prevent the chances of a bad leak from happening.

Containing a Serious Leak

Water damage to the ceiling can cause it to buckle or sag. A homeowner should begin immediately to access where the problem is originating to stop the leak. They should get some help to cover the suspected area of the roof with a tarp large enough to cover the trouble spot. This can help the homeowner stop further water damage until they can hire a professional roofing service to repair the problem.

Another way to stop the water damage is to place a large bucket or trashcan under areas where water is dripping. The ceiling could begin to bulge under the weight of water leaking through the roofing. Puncture a small hole through the budging ceiling to allow the water to flow into the container. This will help prevent the entire ceiling from collapsing under the pressure of excessive amounts of water.

Businesses that do roofing in Maryland will inspect the exterior of the roof for severe damage. They check the interior of the house with an inspection of the attic to locate all water damage. The roofing professionals have many years of experience in what type of problems a leaking roof can cause.

Problems to Look For

Tracking down where the leaks are coming from can get complicated. Ceiling stains are one way to know a roof is leaking. Damaged shingles from hail or heavy snow can cause the roof to leak. Gutters can be stuffed with dead leaves and debris that can cause water to back up over the shingles. This can cause leaks inside the wallboard.

Damaged roofing vents could be the problem with the roof. The vents will need to be replaced. Plumbing vent boots can become damaged that will need to be replaced. Holes through shingles from a past satellite dish or antenna can deteriorate to cause the roof to leak. Rusted chimney flashing can be an area causing water to leak through the roof. Tree limbs and other debris falling on the roof can cause damage to shingles.

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