C3 American Exteriors highly trained expert roofing contractors will provide you with the most beautiful, safe roof systems in the industry at the most cost effective prices. Want to Know Our Secret?

The C3 Secret to Satisfying our Customers

1) First, our success starts with our 5 foundational principles, which we adhere to at all times. (See the About Us Page)

2) C3 only uses the best manufacturers who guarantee and provide their products to our customers nationwide such as GAF and CertainTeed. This enables us to offer our customers a wide variety of roofing options to choose from and an impressive array of colors complimenting the entire exterior of your house.

3) Our thorough residential roofing process as described below:


Roofing Contractors
The process we take when replacing an existing roof is as follows:

  1. We remove all existing shingles and nails and dispose of them in a roll off that is provided at each roofing job site.
  2. We install Ice/Water barrier on all of the eaves (3 feet up). All hips and valleys, if present will have Ice/Water barrier installed as well.
  3. We install synthetic roof underlayment on the remaining portion of the roof to protect the homes roof sheathing and create a “moisture barrier”.
  4. After all of our underlayment is installed we install our starter shingle strips. These strips get installed on the eave of the roof before the first course of shingles to help prevent “shingle blow off”.
  5. Now it’s time to install shingles! All of our shingles are precisely cut and installed to insure they do not “break” where another shingle does, or on a nail head from the previously laid shingle below.
  6. When the entire roof is shingled we install our Cobra Vent Ridge Ventilation System. This ridge ventilation system is a hidden vent that is highly effective at making sure the roof has adequate air flow. Without proper ventilation the life of a roof can be shortened dramatically.
  7. Following the installation of the ventilation system we then use ridge cap shingles to cap off the ridges and cover up the hidden ventilation system. With the completion of the roof we then get the roll off removed in a timely fashion and let you and your home go about being protected for the next 30-50 years to come!

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