Monthly Roof Maintenance Routines to Save You Money

Roofs can last for many years with monthly maintenance and roof repair done when required. The professionals who do roofing in North Carolina know that preventive maintenance is the key to the life of the roof. Catching problems early can save a homeowner huge amounts of money from roof leaks.

Best Times to Inspect

Inspections should be done a few times each year. The first inspection should be during the early spring months to remove any limbs and debris that fell from trees during the winter. Look for damaged or missing shingles that need to be replaced. Check the flashing around chimneys to make sure it remains secure. Sewer pipe vents need to be monitored to make sure they’re sealed. Roof vents need to be inspected. Make sure the gutter system is cleaned out for proper water drainage.

Late fall is another time to inspect the roofing system. Check all areas that were covered during the spring inspection. Remove any debris from the roof. Another time to inspect the roof is after a severe storm has been through the area. Hail can do damage to the roof shingles during a weather event.

Roof inspection Pennsylvania will be more than happy to relieve homeowners of these routine maintenance checks. Our professionals know exactly where the trouble spots begin. We can do roof repair on any problems found. Roof leaks can be avoided by having these inspections done regularly. C3 American Exteriors should be the homeowner’s choice when searching for a superior roofing service.

Checking the Surrounding Area of a Home

The trees around a home can give the house a beautiful curb appeal. They can grow incredibly large over the years. Tree damage can occur from pests or disease. The trees can become stressed from this to rot or die. A tree can have large limbs break off from rot to cause serious damage to the structure of the roof.

Make sure to inspect trees for signs of weakness or rot. Large trees are heavy enough to fall over to destroy a home. This is a common reality for homeowners who recently had a severe storm in their area. High winds can bring down limbs and the entire tree. Make sure to monitor the health of trees close to the house. Any trees that are dying should be removed.

When to Contact a Roofing Service

If a homeowner finds any of the below conditions, have a professional roofing service called out to inspect the integrity of the roof. They have the experience to repair or replace materials with roof maintenance in Pennsylvania. Most recommend homeowners to check their roofs from the ground with a set of binoculars for damages.

Excessive amounts of roofing shingle granules in the gutters means that the roof is nearing time to be replaced. The granules might be located at the exits of downspouts on the ground or driveway. A new roof will need to be installed by roofing professionals.

Nails popping loose from the roof decking during severe storms can cause loose or missing shingles. Limbs falling can produce this kind of damage as a result. Roof repair will have to be performed to correct the damage.

Worn out gaskets and loose flashing need to be repaired by a professional roofing service as soon as possible. Roof leaks will develop eventually that can cause interior damage.

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