Common Roofing Problems That You May Encounter

The roof is one of the most vulnerable areas of any structure, and regular exposure to sunlight, wind, rain, and ice can cause damage to even high-quality roofing materials over time. It’s critical for every property owner to know the signs that point to potential issues with their roofing and to keep up with regular roof maintenance to stay on top of minor problems before they become major roof repair headaches.

Red Flags that Indicate a Problem

The first signs of roofing problems that most homeowners see are damaged, loose or missing shingles. Wet spots on interior ceilings and walls and leaks during rainfall events are also highly noticeable indicators that a structure’s roof is failing. Unexplained mold growth, especially on the highest level of the structure may be a side effect of repeated roof leaks. Additional red flags include the presence of large tree limbs that may have punctured the roof and accumulated areas of moss or leaf debris that hold moisture against the roofing material for extended periods of time.

Main Causes of Roofing Issues

Extreme weather will eventually take a toll on even premium roofing products. Hailstones are especially hazardous to a roof, and strong winds can lift individual shingles or tear off entire sections of roofing. Tree limbs and other windblown objects are capable of causing holes in the roof that may not be readily visible from the ground. The damaging effects of prolonged exposure to extreme sunlight and ice also promote deterioration of a roof’s protective surface.

Common Issues With Your Roof

Age and weather are the major contributing factors to most roof problems. Roofs have a recommended useful life after which time they should be replaced. Many homeowners aren’t aware of the expected lifespan of their roofs and may not take action to replace them until leaks or obvious damage to their properties have occurred. Most property owners also fail to schedule roof inspection services after bad weather to determine the presence of weather-related damage.

Our Roof Repair Services

Most common roofing issues could be headed off with regular inspection and maintenance by a professional roofing contractor. The team at C3 American Exteriors has experience providing roofing services to residential property owners throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and the Carolinas. Our personnel has decades of collective experience in the roofing industry, and we’re qualified to provide roof inspection, roof maintenance, and roof repair services on all types of roofing. We’re also highly skilled at fixing minor roof leaks and damage as well as tackling whole-house roof replacement projects.

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